Friday, September 5, 2008

Things Fall Apart (I)

hey guys!!!!well while reading "Things fall apart" and all of your comments I came to a dilemma between both marrisa's and katie's views on Unoka and Oknokwo. I agree with both opinions but it is kind of difficult to chose a side because as katie said "He was 'lazy and improvident and was quite incapable of thinking about tomorrow" (4) all the way up to his death. But also I sympathize with Marrisa's comment about Unoka being "a man who loved to live in the moment, enjoying the present and not stressing the future. He is not a saver, but rather a spender..." Both opinions are great so I came to a conclusion that it is not so important to focus on Unoka's personality but instead on Okonkwo. Oknokwo demonstrates to be a tough men who many fear, even his own son, Nwoye. His personality foreshadows trouble for him and his family as he contines to not had "patience with unsuccessful men" (4) and "laziness" (13). Oknokwo feels so superior from everyone else that it will get him in trouble very soon, risking his prosperity and his family. The way he understimates everyone around him may cause him a big surprise in the future, for example his own son. Oknokwo sees Nwoye as a lazy kid and he is constantly "nagging and beating" (14) him. And instead of correcting him, Oknokwo might be creating a monster worse than him.

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