Friday, September 5, 2008

Things Fall Apart (II)

Heyy people!!

Well towards the end of part one and beginning of part two, this novel began to twist or should I say "fall apart". Okonkwo's world is ready to take a new path when Ikemefuna became so close to him. When Okonkwo was told that the kid was to be killed, Ezeudo told Okonkwo to stay out of the murder because "that boy calls you father. Do not bear a hand in his death"(57). If Okonkwo participated in his death, he will be killing the innocense of a child, of his son. But since Okonkwo never listens and tries to do everything his way, his life will be miserable after Ikemefuna's death. And to prove my point, Okonkwo began to have serious thoughts about Ikemefuna's death, "Okonkwo, you have become a woman indeed"(65). He can not believe that he killed a child, almost like a son, and now he is lamenting his actions like a woman. But this is nothing compare to his exile. I agree with Marrisa when she said that this was like a payback to all the killings he has participated in. This was a huge change for Okonkwo, to be sent to his mother's land, almost like a humiliation for him since in this new land nobody saw him as the "GREAT MAN" he has been used to. Instead, they told him how he really was, a child who only pretends to be tought; " you are a great man in your clan. But you are still a child..."(134).

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