Friday, September 5, 2008

Things Fall Apart (III)

Well..I am as surprise as everybody else. The third part of this book was unbelievable chaos! Okonkwo life had changed alot. Even his son Nwoye left him for the new missionaries; "...he was happy to leave his father"(152). Christianity, the missionaries, were the way Nwoye found to finally escape from his father. This new religion gave him the strength to finally leave the dark shadow of his father. Okonkwo knew that he could not relied on his family anymore to fight against the white men. So he turned to his "clan". He wanted to start a war to take over his old village, "And they had listened to him with respect. It was like the good old days again, when a warrior was a warrior"(192). This is what first of all got Okonkwo in so much trouble and when he starts feeling superior, we know that something horrible is going to happen to him. This is the hint of more problems to Okonkwo. And once again to prove my point, Okonkwo decides to kill a white man and his old clan turned their backs on him. The only way out he saw was to committ suicide: "...they come to the tree from which Okonkwo's body was dangling"(207). It was an ironic ending for Okonkwo. Okonkwo contradicted his words with his actions. A minute ago, he was the spokeperson, the leader, telling his people to fight for their beliefs because their Gods were "weeping"(203) and the next minute, he committed suicidal which pretty much is against all of his beliefs. This demonstrates how not of a strong man he was.

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